Through our partnership with Valley Children’s Healthcare, Compass Health Administrators will help you and your family to access your benefits quickly and easily! Please use this Website as a resource to understanding your benefits and finding a provider, as well as contacting us here at Compass with any other questions you may have about your healthcare benefits.

Your Benefit Plan

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Your Network

Click here to find a provider within the Blue Shield PPO Network in California.
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Forms & Resources

Here you’ll find forms to help with the administration of your program, as well as links to other service providers such as your pharmacy benefit program.

Click here for information about your CVS/Caremark prescription benefit.
Click here to make COBRA or Retiree Payments online.
Click here to view Machine Readable Files
The information available above link is provided in good faith to comply with the Machine-Readable Files (MRF) provision of the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule (TCFR). These files are extensive collections of data to be ingested and read by machines and are not intended for member use. Access files To learn more about the TCFR and the MRF provision, refer to this Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services page.

Coordination of Benefits Questionnaire

If you’re covered by more than one insurance plan, please complete this form so we can prevent duplicate payments and keep healthcare costs under control.

Medical Claim Form

If you’ve already received medical care and your provider isn’t billing us directly, please complete this form to request payment.

Third Party Liability Questionnaire

If you’ve been injured and it was someone else’s fault, please complete this form so we can seek payment for your medical expenses.

Authorization to Release Protected Health Information

If you’d like us to release your protected health information to another party, please complete this form to give us your permission.

At-Home COVID-19 Tests at No Cost to You

Navigating COVID-19 can be hard, but we’re making it easy for you to afford an at-home COVID-19 test when you need one.


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